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Can't tell you how pleased I am with Maaco Fort Myers. Had two cars repainted in a month and both came out fantastic!! Great service and great paint jobs and the price was very reasonable. Way to go guys!!! Read more

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I need answers I took my 2002 Honda Civic to be painted a different color it went from white to silver okay paint job is okay but can still see marks from white color which was told I would not see also when I took the car in on 7/13/16 I took in before place opened dropped off and placed keys in drop box as I was informed wanted to pay them upfront so that I would not spend it I was charged $817 for a $399 paint job on a Honda and I need a... Read more

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Last week I had my car painted by Maaco for $973 dollars. Good paint job, but they didn't paint the door posts. I called the store, which is on 5925 Payton Ave., Riverside, CA 92504, and spoke with Donna and she said I did not specifically state that I wanted the door posts to be painted. Then she said, it would cost an extra $200 dollars to paint the door posts, $100 dollars per door. Silly me, I thought the door posts were part of the door and... Read more

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Good quality paint terrible customer support, and terrible warranty, just lies to keep you going back, I think they hire people with no or little experience

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These Idiots in Miami 117 Ave 122, talk a good game they tell you, yeah drop the car off now cause i dont have alot of work right now, ***, ill get it done next week they tell you which end up being 2weeks later. This one lady was so pissed off she told this guy Luis everytime i come to get my car u keep telling me "no sorry" two more days its been almost 2week, the lady storm out of there and yelling saying never again. Read more

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A good friend took his car to this Maaco and just had a terrible time. The hood of the car has pockmarks all over it. Unfortunately, they refused to correct the flaws. We took it to two different body shps who confirmed that this was extremely poor quality workmanship. The manager even stated, you paid for a cheap paint job and that is what you got. He continued by saying if you wwanted a good paint job you should have taken it elsewhere. ... Read more

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My daughter and grandson had just been in an auto accident and were towed to maaco in Fresno. Temps in the 100's. My 4 year old grandson had to go to the bathroom and was denied using their restroom. Greg the manager said it wasn't ada approved and co. policy wouldn't allow him to use bathroom. Told to go to Taco Bell a block away. My daughter took her suv to someone else to repair and left to try to find a bathroom. I have told all of our... Read more

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Maaco - Great turned Horrible...
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Perfect pitch, I was sold when I first came...but that's just about the highlight of it... Front bumper is flaking. Issue with repair date (limited to inconvenient days and have to stay over night..why, when the bumper was "fixed" same day). Custer service was as rude as can be...she was being a -***-. Went to another location, was refused AFTER district supervisor said it was possible. Went to a third AFTER ONCE AGAIN district supervisor state... Read more

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6/19/2016 I just went to get an estimate for a paint job. And I'm not sure if he was the manager or owner but he was very disrespectful. He kept telling me that my car is totaled when I when I was trying to explain to him what was wrong with my car. Then he asks how much I was willing to spend. I just said I heard about a special and he went off. Telling me f**k Maaco. He is tired of them and their pricing. He can't pay his employees on special.... Read more

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they said 2007 chevy truck would be done in week. took week an half.paid 2600 to have repainted no dents straight body.took off part of door pannel that didnt need to be removed broke it .they sey it was old even though didnt need removed.have pop out windows in back they painted them shut. they say that happens not there falt.have paint on side windows an front glass. told me to remove windows to do rite.i painted cars before never painted... Read more

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