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Macco Phoenix Arizona Febuary 24 2011, I went to Macco today about the 299.00 special they are advertising on TV only to find out that is not the case.There are other charges.

There is a 149.00 prep. They said out the door it will be 542.00, did I mention they are only painting the upper half of my car. How does 299 and 149 come to 542? After reading all of these complaints I can see I am not the only one having second thoughts on this.

Personally I think this is false advertising.i think this is a shame.

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217 of 412 Maaco Reviews
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Aug 22, 2014

I went to get my car painted and the same thing happen. It's a waste of time and it's big time false advertising.

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Aug 01, 2014 Fort Worth, Texas

I buy, restore and sell a lot of auction cars. I take 3-5 a year to Macco for complete refinish. If it's an older car I'll get the less expensive single stage urethane because it doesn't make sense to pay for a paint job that would outlast the car. If it's a newer car I'll go ahead and get the basecoat clearcoat. I generally pay somewhere between $500 and $650 on the single stage and usually around 800 to 1100 on the two-stage. These are the best prices I found it and believe me I've looked. Body shops generally charge around $3000 for a complete refinish in basecoat clearcoat. On a few occasions we have replaces and painted the hood or a fender in-house. (We have all the equipment with the exception of the paint booth.) By the time we buy the supplies and paint to do one of these hoods or fenders we spend around $200.00. So I think Macco prices are more than reasonable. But they also have that $299 price here in Fort Worth. I wish they wouldn't do that because it appears to be a misleading ploy to get people in so they can tell people what it really cost to paint a car. Still you won't beat the price anywhere or if you do I hate to think what you get.

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Jul 27, 2014

it costs a lot. I do painting for a hobby, your getting as cheap if not cheaper than what a private guy can do it for. Do you have any *** idea how long it takes to prep a car. They don't prime u idiots. You know nothing about what it takes to perform an overall. 299 is for Acylic enamel, cheap as ***. No uV protection and the have to sand overall. It takes minimum of just me 12hrs to prep, paint and clear a car. Now I work my *** off doing that. Including masking, taking off what I can and the like. Paint is not cheap. A cheap single stage is still about 100 just for the paint. Your not going to get base/clear for that. Try 300 for the base/clear and that's no where near expensive paint. THe clear alone,,decent amount for a med size car is 100. So add that up and you see where they barely make a profit from it. You need cheap labor just to do the prep to make up for that. What do you want to pay them 1 dollar an hour. Wow youll pay your *** plumber 50hr to solder a *** pipe yet car painting is 100 times harder to get a good result. Morons that just don't understand that business should stick to ur fading *** junk you have and shutup. Buy a 30k car if you don't want to spend yeah that makes sense.

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Oct 21, 2013 Mesa, Arizona

Um... Sanding and prepwork is not that hard. I sanded and prepped a jeep cheokee. Took maybe an hour and a half. Then i painted it. It turned out nice for a rockcrawler. I honestly dont see where they get the extra cost from. Materials are not that expensive unless theyre buying super high end stuff which i doubt.

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Sep 17, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia

First of all if you think about it, years ago when Maaco said $299, $399, $499 That ALWAYS included prep and priming. We learn the hard way that this $299 price is just a number to get us to come in...How in the H*** do you expect the average customter to come in with his car PREPPED???!?!?!?! EVERYBODY on the planet knows that a paint job is a paint job (prime & paint) We dont expect perfection for $299, but at least do what you SAY!!! Or TELL the TRUE PRICE in the advertisement. It is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT regardless of you sneaking something like "paint package only" in the Ad...Who the H*** knows what the "paint package" is ??? BE HONEST!!!!

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Sep 17, 2013 Atlanta, Georgia

You are definitely right about this false advertisement! I went to one in Ga for the $299 special and it came to $599!!! They said its $299 if you prime and prep it yourself!!! What the!!!

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Sep 06, 2013 Bellevue, Washington

The very, very small print says "paint only". Used them a couple years ago & it took them 2 weeks to paint a door. Give these guy a wide birth.

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Aug 14, 2013 Waukegan, Illinois

When I saw the tv advertisement for $299.00 I knew it would be a shame. A while back my mom took her car a special they had before like this one, they will paint your car for that price and nothing else ! No taping or prep just paint ! Save your time and money

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Jul 28, 2013 Lawrenceville, Georgia

I have seen a lot of commercials for Maaco and thought it was a good deal for a paint job. When doing research on paint jobs, your not getting much for $300. Never knew about prework but makes sense on how they make their money on fill in, detail and all the little stuff. A good not great paint job will cost you about $2000 and $4000 for a great one. I see myself as if I'm going to spend that much on a paint job, I'm better off buying a new car instead if it's not a special design paint job or I just love my car model and year. Always look at the fine print on those stuff.

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Apr 17, 2013

Yea< I've heard good and bad about maaco. The most recent good thing? I talked to a guy I know the other day and happened to get on this very subject. Hes had several cars/trucks painted by this company with great results. The oldest maaco paint job he had done was 19 years ago and the paint is just now starting to peel up. I need my truck painted very soon....considering this place. This is key: The more DIY prep work=the cheaper the "out the door" cost.

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Apr 26, 2013 Dothan, Alabama

Had my car painted about 7 months ago at Maaco now the entire top of the car is peeling off Kiss that $500.00 goodby I had it done in Dothan Al.

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David W

Mar 02, 2013 Stockton, California

I have had my BMW and my Volvo painted by stockton Macao and they did a nice job. They are selling a paint job not offering to restore your car. You folks should go to hardware store and price how much it would cost just for masking materials not to mention paint. Should the person applying the paint get some money too

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pissed customer

May 09, 2013 Annapolis, Maryland

no! They should be nice and do it for free! Us hard working people deserve it for free once in a while

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May 20, 2013 Rocklin, California

you must be a 99% DUMB *** stating you deserve it for free - the owners of the Maaco should pay their employees to paint your car and you get it all for free you are a true LOSER

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Aug 17, 2013 Rantoul, Illinois

You are a ***. It was sarcasm. Go *** yourself.

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3crazy dogs

Nov 21, 2012

They did a great job on a car I'm going to keep for a couple more years. I could have paid more, but I even got them to come down a little more AND they'll pass the discount to another car I intend to get painted. Very friendly too. No not the best paint job, but these are everyday cars too.

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Oct 01, 2012

Ok people I don't want to hear about $1000.00, $2000.00 OR $8000.00 dollar paint jobs. Focus. No one is asking you to brag. We know $299.00 is the price a professional paint job will cost. That is what maaco is advertising. They should get sued for lying. I have gone in person only to be told they offer a few colors and not what you want. Yes they are liers. out the door they told me it would cost 1500.00 for painting a vw GTI.

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Jul 10, 2013

Watch the commercial again. It says $299.95 on a paint package but not prep work. The $299.99 is for paint and warranty but the sanding and primer is extra. Like the person above said, price out how much is needed to do the work and then ask yourself is it worth $500 for a good paint job. As for the quality it is a production shop therefore you get the best work for the price not a perfect paint job. If you want perfection take it to a custom shop and pay the $5000.00 plus. Break it down it takes two employees to sand a car with more materials two hours at $8.00 an hour. The electricity it cost to do the prep. Then you have to consideration of the masking materials and wages of the gentleman doing the masking, then the paint that goes into painting a vehicle, and after that you have a detail-er. All in all you are looking at 3 days of wages for employees, materials, electricity, ect.. and you complain about $500 for a paint job.

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Aug 09, 2012

I am a female who wholesales a few cars a month and have been around the auto business my whole life and I am 40ish, All the retail Paint Shops out there take Such advantage of the average consumer!! I have an Incredibly Honest, fair, Paint and Bodyman that Does Excellent work! Integrity PLUS Business! Tell him Monica sent you, But I have never done this so don't Overwhelm him, Lol, And my stuff comes first! Randy's Bodyshop in Olathe on Roger's Road 913-393-3065, Great family business, Once you go there, That will be the Place you take All Your Vehicles in the Future Knowing You Will Be Taken Care Of Not Taken Advantage Of!!! Remember, Tell him Monica sent you and he will Hook You Up!! God Bless

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