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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #924258

Did not complete the work as contracted. Dents paid for repair remain. Engine bay not covered over spray on rebuilt engine. Charged extra for large vehicle truck bed not painted at all. Top bedrails not prepped properly. Left front fender not blocked as requested. RVPagani Box 540 Coventry CT 06238 860 617 8449

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Maaco - Maco, Winchester Virginia BAD NEWS!
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Do not (repeat) DO NOT take your vehicle to Maco of Winchester. They are just *** artists who will not give you what you paid to have done. If you complain, they park your car outside and let it rot until you run out of patience. Their shop manager (KK) is one big bag of BS. How they stay in business is beyond me. Take your car there at your own risk, as you have been warned! I have four cars ans was planning to run three of them through... Read more

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I want to notice you one thing about my recent visit to your service centre. I got repair for my Telus service vehicle from your centre pate no. BNF-4670. After my repair done i checked the headrest of the seat was not fixed, so i went there to fix that. The staff is so nice as they *** my vehicle to the back and fixed it right away in 30 minutes. In this regard when they take vehicle off on the back, my personal belonging the IPTV box they... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 27
  • #908042

*** service they dont do anything right big name for nothing treat people like they are nothing

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 26
  • #907658

Told me I needed upgrade package, Gave me 399$ job Charged me 800$ crappy job Don't Go There

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I went to the Maaco in Loganville, Ga. I was presented with an estimate by the manager to paint my truck. I returned a few weeks later to have the work done and they had a new manager. I presented the new manager with the estimate I was given and he refused it and said it would cost me twice that to paint my vehicle. I personally believe that he and the company show very poor business practices. If my manager gives a customer a written estimate... Read more

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I inquired about a paint job with extra work involved due to white spotting. I finally dug out of him what the paint job would cost but he could not tell me a guess on what the preparation part would cost. I did not bring the car because I was on my way to work with my vehicle. I was not looking for a nailed down price. I wanted to see if it was worth hastle of keeping the car and I told him that. It is an Acura TL 2008 so I asked if he could... Read more

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Had some work done in December had damage to my hood from an accident, took them a whole month to get the work done. A few months later I was diving down the road about 45 mph and the hood flies up out of no where and lots of damage to the hood and roof where the hood hit it. Took the car to another body shop and a week into it they called me to say that a upon further inspection they had found that a vertical support had been put in up side... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 29
  • #891236

I worked for maaco they fired me and now refuse to pay me my final pay! Im getting kinda mad, think i may take them to court and i have alot of proof

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Went to the Maaco in Garden City, Michigan and have been receiving 8-10 daily junk emails ever since. Mgr said he needed email address for a reply. I was not receiving such junk email before giving Maaco my email address. Estimate was several times the advertised price on TV, due to size, shape, length, age, yada, yada, yada, of my vehicle. Mgr was rude and a bit insulting saying he had nothing better to do than waste time giving estimates. I... Read more

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