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Had my jeep in for a paint job and was horrified to see that they painted my jeep Red jeep. orange!! I also dealt with the manager Lillie, rude!! And abrasive. They never completed the job on the contract to paint under the fender wells. Overspray everywhere but again more importantly they could not paint my jeep the correct Red. When asked how to fix it they asked me for an additional thousand dollars saying it wasn't their problem, clearly it... Read more

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You should really, really tell people BEFORE they spend $1681.00. On a paint job that they should EXPECT trash in the paint. The manager's words. "What the *** do you expect for that kind of money? I dealt with another gentleman when I brought it in. I believe his name was Nare. He was very helpful. This vehicle had been sanded before bringing it in. It had been sanded and primed. (with no runs or orange peel) All I ask was for the vehicle to be... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 29
  • #963526

I took my jeep to get an estimate and agreed to the estimate. They had my jeep a week then called me and said they ( I don't remember who I talked to) had to have an extra $100.00 above the estimate to do the work. I agreed to the extra money but I don't think I will ever do business there again.

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My boyfriend took his car into maaco for a bumper repair. They looked it over and told him to bring it in Monday and that it would be done Wednesday. Well, he didn't hear from them at all on Wednesday so he started calling in which they proceeded to say they would call back in 10 minutes. 3 hours went by and he called back. They said they were looking at it and would call him back. They didn't call back until Thursday saying they didn't... Read more

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I just got lied to me with a straight face when i attempted to get an estimate to have my car painted when i asked about their advertised special. Their rep said they haven't advertised for several months. I will never never deal with this company

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I had a bad experience with the Maaco paint shop located in Petersburg, Va.. They had my car for 5 weeks. Every time I checked on it there something was wrong that they missed or messed up. The price quoted was $1600.00 I ended up paying over $2200.00 plus. When I went to pick up the vehicle that is when I found out they had raised the price on me. I was told at that time they do not take checks and they wanted cash. They stated they could... Read more

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i just get my truck and over charge and the job its not done i do have a bad experience whit this company i dont recomend this shop at all the costumer service its bad too i paid 1500 for the job and they give me trahs paint its not correct dents are not repair paint runs chips and other problems too like the interior of my truck its trash all the glass are dirty i cant said more about this place,im not happy w the results this is not good at... Read more

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We went to Maaco to get an estimate for a paint job on our truck with a new color. We ordered the full package with the best quality paint and dent removal. Over $4000 later. Victor told us if we brought the truck in the next day (9/3/16) they could have it done in 4-5 days. We also had them order a new hood for the truck along with felt lining for the inside of the hood, a grill and tailgate. That actually ended up being two weeks but we were... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 24
  • #942286

Capital heights. Over charge on everything

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Car was dropped off in early October and was told about a week to complete full repairs. When I was told my car was repaired, I went to Maaco eagerly awaiting to pick up my repaired car. Upon seeing my car, it was visibly easy to tell the repair was not done appropriately; the fender was cockeyed and not even/level. Even worse they forgot to do an alignment on my car, wow! Upset and disappointment by the lousy work by Maaco I have my adjuster... Read more

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