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Macco Phoenix Arizona Febuary 24 2011, I went to Macco today about the 299.00 special they are advertising on TV only to find out that is not the case.There are other charges.

There is a 149.00 prep. They said out the door it will be 542.00, did I mention they are only painting the upper half of my car. How does 299 and 149 come to 542? After reading all of these complaints I can see I am not the only one having second thoughts on this.

Personally I think this is false advertising.i think this is a shame.

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Forest Hills, New York, United States #1233618

Deceptive advertising?Please.

They are two words that mean the same thing. Don't you people understand that these MAACO ads just drive traffic into the franchise to get inflated estimates?

No one paints a car for $300!

(OK, if they have Krylon Spray Cans, maybe...)

There's a prep charge for masking the car and wet sanding the surface...if you need body work, they will charge you for that, if you want clear coat, they will charge you for that...on and on.Get a grip.

Pueblo, Colorado, United States #1193365

I took my truck into Maaco a couple of weeks ago to be painted black.They painted it silver.

Even worse than that, I have a hard plastic cover over the bed that was NEVER supposed to be touched. It was black...they painted it silver too. I was told that if I paid for a complete other paint job, he would paint it black. I don't want it covered up.

It will never be right again.I want it replaced.

Good luck


I called Maaco in Humble, Tx on HWY 1960 on December 7, 2015 to get my car painted, and inquired about the $299.00 special that is being advertised by Maaco that I just see on TV last night.The Maaco representative told me that there was no special, and it was already finished last week.

So how come the commercial was still being advertised on TV?

I agree with you on the false advertising scheme!Something needs to be done!

Redmond, Washington, United States #1064219

It is false advertising and thanks for posting. I won't even bother checking them out. JRP


It cost me $200 to painty car Kia over seas."I'morocco" last year.

The cost of living in USA is 3 to 6 times. That means to paint ur car will cost u $600 to & $1200. If u want a good paint with long warranty.

This is in retail side.Wholesale is about 30 to 50% less.


Thanks, I won't be going there now !!

Dallas, Texas, United States #1017423

I called every macco for 50 miles and none would do a 299.00 paint job even if I prep and tape the car. Try it you try it and you will see!!


I have actually used there $299.special twice over the last 4 years here in Az and its been exactly that!!

and a very good job I might add!!hoping to get that price again!!


I went to get my car painted and the same thing happen. It's a waste of time and it's big time false advertising.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #849806

I buy, restore and sell a lot of auction cars.I take 3-5 a year to Macco for complete refinish.

If it's an older car I'll get the less expensive single stage urethane because it doesn't make sense to pay for a paint job that would outlast the car. If it's a newer car I'll go ahead and get the basecoat clearcoat. I generally pay somewhere between $500 and $650 on the single stage and usually around 800 to 1100 on the two-stage. These are the best prices I found it and believe me I've looked.

Body shops generally charge around $3000 for a complete refinish in basecoat clearcoat. On a few occasions we have replaces and painted the hood or a fender in-house. (We have all the equipment with the exception of the paint booth.) By the time we buy the supplies and paint to do one of these hoods or fenders we spend around $200.00. So I think Macco prices are more than reasonable.

But they also have that $299 price here in Fort Worth. I wish they wouldn't do that because it appears to be a misleading ploy to get people in so they can tell people what it really cost to paint a car.

Still you won't beat the price anywhere or if you do I hate to think what you get.

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