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Here was my formal complaint to the BBB...

"I was given the hard sell when I first came in & was told that they were having a slow week & they would give me a discount if I left my car this week. I went to pick up my car & it was not ready on Friday, 9/5, as promised. I was promised a reimbursement for the car rental for the extra day but there was no reimbursement check when I went to pick it up the next day. Upon pick up, it was dark & I noticed a couple things that were wrong right off the bat. I was told that I could go over them with the Manager on Monday because I wanted to get into the light and inspect more closely. I went to get in the car and found that there was paint dust/residue ALL over the place. All over the seats, carpeting, dash, cupholders, storage slots, etc. I asked if they could clean it and they said they didn't have time. So I asked if I could get a refund and the young man rudely said "Then go get your money back". I mean my car now requires a full interior detail. I left feeling uncomfortable and noticed that they just wanted to get out of there because it was close to closing time at 12 (on Saturday). Upon further inspection I found: *my glass window was painted on, along with my side mirror; *my windshield wipers, mud guards, and tires were covered in wax and other oversprayed products; *a hole in my bumper was not fixed, just painted over; *scratches on my bumper were not fixed, just painted over; *scratches on my rear spoiler were not fixed, just painted over; *there was a new scratch on my trunk; *there was a new scratch in the front of my car on the right of the windshield (behind the side mirror); *there was bubbling paint on my front bumper; *and to top it all of there was a roll of green tape left in my car. Even though I was pressured to leave my car there because 'business was slow', my car was not ready when they promised it would be. The rental I was supposed to receive for free, I had to pay for. Overall, I felt that they rushed the job as evident by the roll of green tape left in my car and the dust all over the interior with no clean-up. There was no quality shown here and awful, if not rude customer service by the Manager and young male employee. I tried to contact the Manager and Maaco Customer Service line but they did not want to offer me a refund or discount. They wanted to me come back in and get the car fixed again which would take two days according to their estimates. They said they would pay for the rental but that's what they had said the first time and now I don't trust them. I also don't trust that their employees would not do further damage to my car and I no longer feel comfortable going back to the shop. I feel that they took advantage of me because I am a young female and can't believe they would send me home with a dusty car that had a pungent paint smell. The Manager even went as far as telling me about how they were late because one of their employees that was supposed to do the body work was going through a divorce and couldn't get the work done on time. He said that this employee is the reason why it was late as he set them all back. I do feel bad for the person that is going through the divorce, but I'm sure he wouldn't want some random customer knowing about his personal problems and how he was on the brink of killing himself (which the Manager also implied). I feel it was very unprofessional of the Manager to explain this all to me, when at the end of the day, it's the Manager's responsibility to get it all done and give the customer the best possible quality he can give. He shouldn't just give a car to someone and then wait for them to complain. Then IF they complain, he will fix it. I would much prefer it be done the right way the first time. If it's not done to the standards on the estimate, I feel a refund should be given."

They refused. If you would like to save yourself from wasted time and aggravation...don't come here!!!

Review about: Maaco Painting.

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I am also a young female I feel they did the same thing to me my paint doesn't even match and now my door rattles when I play music. They were so rude I don't want to go back, they also charged me more after I left.


It still amazes me that places like Maaco & Earl Schieb still exist in this country, and that the general public is ignorant enough to keep these places going by the promise of a good deal or a bargain. It just can't be done for that kind of money.


You should have gone to Earl Scheib.They have more experience,they are a corporation and not franchises.They also have well trained managers and give great customer service


Simply put you get what you pay for. At Macco you pay for *** , so you get ***. Macco is well known in the auto repair industry for their sub standard work and lower than low customer relations

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