1. Although I was charged $1,000 for 18 hours of labor for body work, the salesman (Allen) said that they did more than was required on the bodywork. When I said that one guy worked on it for a day (less than 8 hours), he said, "we pay them for what they do, not how long they work."

2. When I pointed out the slight waves in the reflection off the car, he said, "this is normal" and all of their paint jobs look have waves. He said that they even did a better job on my car because they used 600 sand paper instead of the usual 300.

3. Another quote…"We are a production shop and not a detail shop so we don't do the same work as them." He actually stated, "a good paint job would cost more than $5,000, so you get what you pay for."

4. When I pointed out something that was sticking out of the paint on the hood he said, "it is lent, lint gets in the paint, this is normal." In other words, DIRT in the paint is normal!

5. When I pointed out the overspray that looked like *** on the step that runs the length of the door that is under the door when closed. He said, "I told you that there would be overspray on the door jams" and "it would have cost an additional $250 for those to be done." I should have asked him what specific parts of the door jam he was talking about because I would have gladly paid the difference for what it looks like now every time I open the door.

6. When I pointed out the few small chips that were still in the car, he stated that he had told me that they would not be able to get all the chips out and may miss some. To be truthful, yes, I remember him saying that.

7. I had to sign a waiver saying they would not be responsible for the paint cracking and the warranty would not apply to that because the prior paint job (the one they were painting over might crack and they could not be responsible for that.

8. Finally, he stated that the car looks so much better than when I brought it in. Yes, it does look better, I just wish it looked $2,000 better which is what I spent ($1,000 for scratches and small dents, $1,000 for paint).

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$2000 cheap! you get what u pay for!


I walked in to talk to the owners son. He was too busy kissing on a guy co worker so I decided to just keep my sorry paint job He was too busy kissing on a guy co worker so I decided to just keep my sorry paint job and not get involved in drama.

Pearl City, Hawaii, United States #1018528

This place sucks.tried to get the owner son to fix there sorry cracking paint job. Walked in to talk to him and he was kissing some guy co worker.

So much for the pearl city store. *** son...i would give sorry paint jobs also!!!!

Pearl City, Hawaii, United States #620247

Collin Riley was vulgar and abusive towards us when we attempted to get a quote. He later wanted to fight us and blocked our car so we could not drive

I wanted a quote for auto body and repair. Collin Riley helped us and became irritated as my we asked questions such as type of paint used, does it include clear coat, do we have to repaint whole car. He became very irritated and sarcastically stated if you don't want to repaint the whole car you can have three shiny paint spots in affected areas- be my guest will cost you more money. As I turned to him and said that he is rude and forget the quote we don't want to go through him. He started swearing and say F word to us, especially when I told him Maaco had 10 BBB complaints and over half of reviews on Yelp and Angie's list are negative and talk about his abusive behavior. He then proceeded to fight my boyfriend- and say things like, "come on you wanna settle this now or you tell me time and place and we can settle this." We then walked to our car and Collin came to the driver's side and pursued a fight using abusive language,swearing and saying the F word at my boyfriend and I. He later blocked us from driving away and went in front of the car. He then told us that his foot got run over and he will call cops and that my boyfriend is going to jail. We were so fed up we called the cops ourselves to file a report.

Collin had also mentioned to us when he began using abusive language, that he is the owner and go ahead and complain. He later gave me Maaco Headquarters number. Also said BBB complaints are resolved and go ahead and complain.

All the workers and the customers were taken back at the yelling and abusive behavior of Collin.

This extremely abusive behavior is a great concern for me. I called Andy the owner on Tuesday and he told me that Collin was his son and he cannot fire him. This abusive language has happened before over the years and Collin should not be a position working with customers. We also called Maaco Headquarters and they said they are concerned but will keep the complaint on record.


I have read alot of reviews on many differant sites about "Bad Maaco Paint Jobs". I read these reviews because I needed to get my car painted.

I went to several local paint and body shops and found them to be very uninterested in actually painting my "whole" car. They wanted a riduclous amount of money and two of them actually recomended Maaco. They told me they would sometimes send some of their jobs over there to have the paint work done because it was better than they could do on the price. WOW, an honest BodyShop..??

SO after visiting a Maaco and letting them explane the process, I had a much better understanding of what it takes to paint a car. I chose the "Base/Coat Service" and spent a little extra to have them "De-trim" the car and remove a couple "shopping cart dings". My 2003 Acura "Betty" I Know, I name my cars, Looks as good as the day I bought Her. Yes, I keep Her clean now, all the time.

Anyways, I have read a lot of "Bad Experiance" stories on the net about Maaco. After visiting one and going through the experiance I realize that there are too many people trying too hard to blame Maaco for their own "cheepskate" approach to having their car painted. It takes a lot of skill and time to do what they do, it's a craft. I had a great experiance and believe that they are just advocates of the consumer and try to meet the budget of everyone.

Happy Customer of Maaco on Broadway Ext. OKC,OK.




Yes ALL Maaco shops are Not the same. I took my 97 Toyota for the $299 special.

@ the get go I said I didnt want to spend more than the $299 price. The Mgr looked over my car and said OK.

3 days later I returned to find the car looking like new!

Not only a great job BUT they detailed the interior!!!!! It was $299 + CT tax


yep. went to maaco yesterday after being quoted 299 over the phone for the cheapest paint job (just trying to fix up a 93 honda for resale) and ended up at 599 when i got there. bait and switch masters da maaco guys!


It's Maaco. It's the Walmart of body shops. You get what you pay for...

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