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I took my 1998 Honda Civic to Maaco Auto body in Garwood NJ on 2/29/08 to repaint my vehicle.I picked up the vehicle on 3/7/08 on a rainy day so I was not able to check out the vehicle for any defects.

The following day it stopped raining and i was able to inspect the vehicle for any flaws. Upon inspection i noticed scratches, missing paint on front bumper, dings, paint drip on rear spoiler and back bumper. I returned the vehicle on 3/10/08 to repair all flaws. I picked up the car on 3/14/08 and the only thing that was done was the front bumper.

They never touched the rear bumper, spoiler and scratches like the were suppose to. I returned the vehicle on 3/31/08 to have the rear bumper and spoiler re-painted and scratches buffed out. I picked up the car on 4/2/08 and the rear bumper now had paint drips on other areas, the spoiler was never repainted only touched up, i was promised that it would be repainted. They have been rude and nonresponsive to my problems.

They called my "petty" when i pointed out the problems that need to repaired and said they were done with me after this last repair. I paid them in full and now that they have their money they dont want to help me. I need help in getting this problem fixed. i will be dropping of the vehicle once again today 4/3/08 to once again have the repairs done.

I have losted a total of 3 days of work because of this ordeal. Dont take ur vehicle to a maaco. they do shady work.


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Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I used to paint car 10 years ago. I know when a job is good, fair, bad and very bad.

I think, guys in maaco are proffesional painters, who lost thier passion in what they do. which turn them to be cheap laborer who get used to a very bad job.

I had my Toyota SUV painted the bumber... the result; mismatch color, dripping pain marks, lots of dust particle and rough particle. I was ask to pay $860.00. If I bought my own compressor and spray gun.

I can do a better job. DO not trust MAACO down 5625 Bellaire Blrd, Houston,TX and MAACO in 1500 West Polk Avenue Pharr,TX

These people are unproffesional. The Mexican can do a better job.

David Santarin



I took my MINI Cooper S in to Maaco.I picked it up and it was still wet from cleaning.

I wiped off some spots and saw dust and tape on the car. The day after I found many more issues. They hadn't even taken off the plastic parts before painting. They scratched my spoiler while preparing for painting, they cuff my rubber seals around the window.

My car is worth less now that before.

Does anyone have a good recommendation on what to do now?Thanks much!


The MAACO in maine is a bunch of scam artists, they lie about how much it will cost have advertised specials and then lie and tell you they have no specials!


the maaco in omaha ne on 73rd is run by crooks who charge for services that the dont do,thats down right illegal


Maaco, Maaco

their customer service is so so

but their paint jobs are much worse though

and though their prices are on the low low

you still end up paying alot of dough dough for a repair and repaint job that was obviously done by a yo yo an unprofessional MOFO


Maaco this and Maaco that

real professionals is what they lack

Maaco this and Maaco that

they painted my car brown when it should have been painted black

Maaco this and Maaco that

they didn't even offer to give any of my money back

Maaco this and Maaco that

maaco is the equivalent to tooth plaque(just stinky)

Maaco this and Maaco that

all their shops are knick knack patty WACK!!

Maaco this and Maaco that

their work is about as s h i t t y as a homeless person's a s s crack ( mighty s h i t t y)

Maaco this and Maaco that

people face the facts,real professionals is what they lack

P.S. A cheap price doesn't justify a rushed and unprofessional job, but I guess the people at Maaco seem to think so. If that's the case, why go there at all?




you talking about a 1998 hooptee,what more you want,them guys cant do miracles,you have taken it to the junk yard ainstead of fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry


:cry :cry :cry :cry :( :? :cry :? :cry :? :cry :cry :x :x :upset :upset :upset :upset :cry :upset


I took my '99 Camry to the same shop in late 2008 and got a superb repair and paint job at half the price of local body shops.A year later, the paint was still fully intact.

I checked BBB and they've had only 2 complaints about this shop in the past 3 years, both of which we listed as "resolved"---a rather good record!

I believe you're either an exception, or just too demanding.For the price you're paying, you can't expect a factory paint job!

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