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I took my car to MAACO and they were supposed to remove some scratches and change the paint.MAACO ripped me off if I knew that the car was not going to be sanded the first time. If I knew that MAACO was not going to strip the white I would have kept the car white.

I would not waste that money by changing the color pink and the paint will still peel off showing white. MAACO told me the paint job has tracking it is a stain in the car, paint peeling, black pieces in the paint, chipping paint, a smear in the paint with scratches, I can see waves in the paint I guess that was the sanded, and circles with black pieces in the middle.

To top it off the car was spot painted the second time, paint is on my rear view mirror, and MAACO did not tell me about the 30 days depending on temp. I just want to warn you about this MAACO please go to someone that knows what they are doing.

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