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Got my car back from macco in lawrance mass. got the most expensive paint job they were offering 900$ and then adam said 1 week then monday came they said tusday then i called tusday at 10:30am he said i can come get it then i get out of work at 2pm to havr a message on my phone saying we had problem so then i have to pick ii up the next day called at 10:30am again he said yup np so i go down there to finde he subed the work to some one els and i wanted for 3 and half hours thats not even the worse part then they left dirt lumps all over and its scratched leaving wax on it and weard white spots then I drive home to finds my clutch is poping and my radiator has a cut threw the top and i only notoced cuz it was smoking I will never use macco not only dose there paint suck but now I'm stuck spending money fixing everything they *** up I'm not even giving them it back to refix the paint cuz I don't want them breaking anything els figures this happens the month I need a inspection sticker

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Learn to spell and write ***. If you want a good paint job go to a reputable place.

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