Took my car to Maaco on East Colfax in Denver to get my car painted that was ruined by someone i found on Craigslist.

I got the base/clear coat paint service they also had to remove the clearcoat that was peeling after 9 months from the last paint job, Car is black and looks amazing.And yes believe it or not no paint where it wasn't supposed to be Lights,Tailpipe;etc

I know theres alot of complaints about Maaco but this one has been in the same location with the same owners since the 80's.Great service would recommend.

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I wonder if they do a great job with metallic paint jobs aswell? and what it would cost. Like on a 2002 Park avenue, would the color come close???


That car still looks great! I am the manage of that location and enjoy putting out quality work! Keep it looking good!


Its only been 4 months. Looks better now after 1st wax job. $899 for paint $200 for xtra prep.


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car looks nice how much did it cost you? how old is the paint job...

hows it look now? :?


Your car looks fantastic! Please keep us updated on whether or not your paint holds up well in the following months.

It looks like they did an excellent job! :)

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