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Follow up on poor paint job

After taking may t bucket back due to runs and poor paint quality the owner, Wayne, applied tape to identify all the areas that required repair and said he would have it taken care of the next day.

Mike the manager said it could not be repaired for 7 days and that the owner should not have told me it would be the next day. Mike assured me several times that if he could not take care of it by cut and polish he would repaint the bucket and insure I was happy with the job. Mike said he was going to put the bucket in the heat room for 180 degrees over the weekend .

The following Tuesday Mike called and said it was ready.

All they had done was to dry sand the dash and door and make an absolute mess and did not fix the paint runs in the dash and Mike said they would not do anything else, they were done. This after telling Mike at the very beginning that if he needed to charge me more to make sure the paint job was correct it was not a problem. Not only did Mike lie to me but the Owner Wayne has as well. Do not take anything to this company as you cannot believe a word that comes out of the Owner or managers mouth and the paint quality is so poor as to be unbelievable. I will take them to court to get a refund and cost to repaint the t bucket. The worst company I have dealt with in my life.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. tarfish stated that there is a room for improvement of terrible customer service and poor quality work. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "bad quality, not as described, defective" of maaco painting and associated monetary loss in the amount of $978. Maaco needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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What the *** would you take an Hot Rod to a Macco? I'm 57 years old and been painting cars and motorcycles my whole life and as long as Macco's been around everyone knew that is about as low end as you can get when it comes to car paint!Usually Street rods our given superior paint jobs because isn't that the most important aspect of a hot rod? when it comes to LOOKS?

to Anonymous Apollo Beach, Florida, United States #1012170

I have done every thing myself except wire the entire car, time the motor and I wanted to paint everything.I had painted it myself and was not happy with it.

Do not have the facilities to do the proper job. All they had to do was sand it and shoot it and they could not do that correctly. Left a lot of runs and trash in the paint and then said the runs were mine. My paint job did not look great but at least there were no runs in my paint.

These guys are just incompetent. Yes, I should have taken it somewhere else but Mike the manager assured me it would look good and I got impatient and wanted to put it together and they could do it right away. Working on it since Decembers. The best lessons are sometimes those that are learned the hard way!

If you are in the area give me your e mail or phone number for this winter when I want to have it repainted.I repainted the dash myself after sanding out their runs and it is passable for now.

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