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Last week I brought my car to the Maaco at 7229 S. Hulen StreetFort Worth, TX 76133-6618 Phone: (817)263-6398. I specifically told them I had been hit and the estimate was for an insurance claim. They did an estimate, but the insurance company thought it was high so they sent an adjuster to look at my car. The adjuster gave me 2 copies of her estimate and I brought the car back to Maaco to get it repaired with the copy of the adjusters estimate. I asked if they (Maaco) could do the work for the new price. The Maaco employee (Chad) said that they would deal with the insurance company and not to worry about it. Then he clipped it to a blank work order and had me sign it.

I received a call that my car was ready today and he said "by the way, how do you start your car? We've been having to push it around the shop to work on it." I told him that if they had a problem he should have called me and I would have come and taken care of it. When I went to check the car over the key was bent, the automatic transmission had been manually released and the cover missing, the steering lock and ignition lock were both broken and I could not start the car or even turn the key.

I refused to pay for a damaged car and attempted to leave (on foot) and the owner (Mark) ordered Chad to call the police. I told them I would not pay, but I was not going to leave with the car because it won't even start. They still insisted on having the police come. So I sat down and waited. The police could do nothing for them since this is a civil matter and asked what the charge on the car was. That's when I found out that the original estimate was what they were attempting to charge me. I asked about the adjusters estimate that I personally handed them on Friday and they said they didn't know what I was talking about and that I better pay because in three days they would start charging me storage fees. I then left on foot and walked home without my car.

I never threatened the Maaco employees or called them bad names. I only wanted the collision damage repaired and the rest of the car to be in the condition it was when I dropped it off. To be treated like this because Maaco damaged my car and to be called a liar by the franchise owner and an employee because they did not want to take responsibility for the damage is unacceptable. Then to have the police called on me when I was no threat to them is outrageous.

I sent a complaint to Maaco Corp. telling them that I would like to hear from them as soon as possible and attempt to avoid pursuing legal action.

However, at this time Maaco still has my vehicle, so I am without transportation.


Mr. Peter Wolf


Maaco Insurance Policy on their website:

Insurance Made Easy

Having an auto accident can be stressful, but Maaco helps take away the pain, and delivers you a car that has regained its original beauty, handling and performance.

Even though Maaco specializes in helping people with “out of pocket” pay arrangements, we also do lots of insurance work. We work with every major carrier, every day.

If making a claim is your best course of action, we’ll contact the insurance company and arrange for an appraiser to inspect your car. We’ll also arrange for a low-cost car rental. And most importantly, we’ll work with the insurer to get the repair done right. Your vehicle will handle as it did before the accident and maintain its value.

Making the entire process easy for you... It’s what we do.

Hah! What a joke!

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UPDATE 8/26 - Just got back home from picking the Toyota up from Maaco.

The insurance estimate that was lost had been found. A short time later I received a call and apology from Chad Dingman for the mistake. Thanks for being cool and doing the right thing Chad.

The owner (Mark Medina) also apologized for the misunderstanding and offered to let me pick up the car at no charge. Very generous, thank you.

I'll let this post stay up for a bit longer to let everyone know I appreciate the efforts by the guys at Maaco to get the situation straightened out and I am satisfied with the outcome. After that I will delete it.



RESPONSE 8/25 - Yes, Mark is correct. I do have another vehicle...

It is a fourty-four year old International Harvester truck. Top speed is about 50 mph and it has no A/C. Lots of fun on a 90+ degree Texas summer day.

If you see me on the interstate don't get mad if you're behind me... I'm probably going as fast as I can.


UPDATE 8/25 - Just received a voicemail message from Mark Medina (Maaco S. Hulen) and he now has a copy of the insurance adjuster's estimate that I faxed Maaco Corp.

last week.

Apparently, The original estimate from State Farm that I personally handed to Chad Dingman has never been located. Mark said that he is in the process of contacting the insurance adjuster and taking another look at my Toyota.



Nothing new to report from my end. The Maaco corporate office faxed me a copy of the insurance estimate.

I have since called the insurance adjuster assigned to this claim and left a message for a re-inspect (although it's after the fact). I did speak to the insurance adjuster's supervisor and he mentioned there was previous damage to the vehicle that they would not cover. I do not have a copy of the entire estimate yet to verify this. (I did leave a message not too long ago on Mr.

Wolf's voice mail regarding this).

As for saving gas, I don't think Mr. Wolf is saving much gas, I saw him a few days ago driving by in his red truck (which I'm sure sucks more gas than this car).

The only reason I bring this up is because he is making it sound as if this was his only transportation. Not that it matters, we have a legitimate issue between us which has nothing to do with other transportation, just thought it'd be worth mentioning.


UPDATE 8/25 - Maaco still has my car. Since last week there has been no contact from either the Maaco Corporate office or Mark Medina, owner of Maaco S. Hulen.

Regarding Mark's statement "I'm confident Mr. Wolf and I will settle this issue to both of our satisfaction". I have seen no effort on the part of Mark or Maaco Corp. to resolve this situation.

Right now, I am still far from satisfied and still without a car. I am saving alot of money on gas though!



Bodyman2... show me an example of a blank estimate from my shop where we did, or didn't do, a proper insurance repair?

In fact you really should post your contact information so the readers can find your shop. Could be good for your business. My repeat business and word of mouth referrals are excellent, and that doesn't happen by chance. I don't mind defending my reputation and integrity to any one.

I'm confident Mr. Wolf and I will settle this issue to both of our satisfaction.


This a a response to Mark Medina's (owner of Maaco, S. Hulen in Fort Worth, TX) comment.

I told both Greg Welch and Chad Dingman when I brought the car to Maaco on August 7th. that it was for an insurance estimate because I had been rear-ended. That's why when I brought the insurance adjusters estimate back to them last Friday Chad recomended I come back the following Monday instead since they wouldn't get to the car over the weekend and my insurance provided rental would run out. Chad just wouldn't admit to it in front of his boss. I know he is probably afraid of losing his job since he is a new employee, but sometimes you just have to be a man and do what is right.

Mr. Peter Wolf


"I bend over backwards to keep my customers happy." - Mark Medina

LOL! This guy has such a bad rep. in Fort Worth. He is constantly ripping people off with the old blank work order trick. Then he gouges them for a few extra bucks to fatten his wallet and they never go back. I don't mind though, its more business for me.

I would rather pay for some cheap little ignition switch that my manager broke and keep a loyal customer.

I make mistakes, sometimes my employees make mistakes because we are human. When my customer gets their car back its right or I make it right.

Keep sending the mad customers my way Mark buddy!

to Bodyman72 #881110

Bodyman2 where is your shop I have a truck I need to have painted


I am the owner of this Maaco franchise. Here are the facts, from my perspective.

Mr. Wolf came into the center last Thursday (8/7/08) for an estimate. There wasn’t a mention of this being an insurance claim but rather a routine out-of-pocket repair. At this point the customer could have called his insurance company, or could have already had a check from the insurance company. This was never conveyed to us. A week later, on Monday (8/18/08), Mr. Wolf drops his car off to get the repairs done. The original estimate was retrieved, converted to a repair order, and printed. Mr. Wolf signed our copy which clearly states the agreed to repair and price. At this time he was also given a copy, which also clearly states the agreed to price. If this were an insurance repair we would have attached the insurance estimate to our repair order and made notes of this on the repair order. This didn’t happen and we proceeded to repair his vehicle as agreed.

His car is an older car, with a very loose ignition key/switch. It is not unusual to repair and paint cars that do not start (because of mechanical issues, electrical, or whatever other quirks). Since this was a smaller car, my center manager pulled off the small cap covering the neutral safety switch next to the shifter. (We did lose this little cap, and I agreed to replace it.) This is a manual override which allows the car to be shifted into neutral. Although the key would not start the car, it did unlock the steering wheel. At this point, we pushed the car from station to station, from body shop, to sanding, to masking, to paint, to detailing. Today (8/21/08), my center manager called Mr. Wolf to inform him his car was ready to pickup but that we were never able to start the car, instead we pushed it through the shop. Mr. Wolf confirmed that his ignition was tricky but that he knew how to start it, no problem. We pushed the car outside, ready for pickup.

When Mr. Wolf arrived to pickup his car, he immediately claimed we had broken his ignition key/switch, and that we made it worse. I assured Mr. Wolf that we did not break his ignition switch, and tried to reason with him that his switch was really worn and loose. And that instead of messing with a weak key and loose switch we simply pushed the car through the shop as needed. My production manager did say we misplaced the small neutral safety switch cover (possibly vacuuming it up during the detail process), as he could not locate it afterwards. I offered to replace this piece. At this point Mr. Wolf asked how much the repair actually cost. At the time I thought this was an unusual question; we would have called him if the repair was different than our estimate. Chad reiterates the final cost, which had not changed. Mr. Wolf pulls out an insurance estimate, which he holds close to himself, and starts to question my business integrity. His assertions are blunt and accusatory in nature. He said this was not the agreed to price and not what his insurance company estimate reflected. I explained that this was an out-of-pocket agreed to repair and that we did not work off an insurance estimate. It’s not too late to submit any changes, if any, to his insurance company. It’s a little backwards, but occasionally we do get notified after the fact that a repair was an insurance claim. However, instead of continuing the conversation, he asks for his key (which we should not have given him) and heads towards the door. Chad reminds Mr. Wolf that he has not paid yet. Mr. Wolf, without breaking stride, told us to call the police if we needed to because he was not paying for a car that we broke.

I told Chad to go ahead, call the police. He did. While we waited for the police to arrive I explained to Mr. Wolf that he could not simply take his car without paying for services rendered. I told him he could leave the car without payment, or he could pay for it and take it. Those were the only two options. I need to be clear that although we were totally frustrated with each other, Mr. Wolf never acted inappropriate; we both remained calm and level headed. A couple of police officers arrived and spoke with both of us, reviewed the paperwork, and made notes. They explained to Mr. Wolf that this was considered a civil dispute and that if he disagreed with my business practice or felt he was wronged he could handle this in a civil court. But that he would have to either pay for his car, or leave it. I explained to Mr. Wolf that storage charges would start in three days if not picked up. The police felt this could be resolved before then. As Mr. Wolf was leaving, I mention to the police that he still has the car key. Mr. Wolf makes a parting comment to the effect that his possession of the key is only hearsay. I tell them to never mind, we could just push the car (again). He leaves and walks away telling us to keep his car. The police complete their visit and leave.

Anybody that knows me, knows I bend over backwards to keep my customers happy. I’m the first to admit when we are wrong, and I always make every attempt to make it right. I have experience with all types of cars in various states of repair, our job it to work with the customer, doing what the customer wants, and giving the customer a good value for their money. The majority of our body repairs are insurance related claims, I work with them every single day.

I hope, for both sides, this gets resolved amicably.

-Mark Medina

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