I dropped off my 1982 Buick Rivera to be repainted on 2-13 09. A few hail dent were to be taken out also. Got it back today 3-14-09

I didn't notice the quality of the work until I got it home and dusted it off. It was very dusty.

I have never seen so many paint bubbles on one car. It's on every part of the car. It looks like they took a buffer in hopes to make them less visible. All that did was break the bubbles.

I have paid them already and it wasn't cheap. I will take it back Monday and can only hope they will do me right this time..I'm old but not blind

Product or Service Mentioned: Maaco Painting.

Monetary Loss: $649.

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Sounds like they had water in the air lines. When dealing with a cheap paint shop check the work already completed they usually have a few fished cars to look at. I had my car painted at maaco and it took 3 shops before I found a good painter.


Your pictures don't show the bubbles well. For a "cheap" paint job, what I'm looking for, it looks OK.

I haven't a gotten a quote from them yet, but if they aren't at least 50% below places I've got positive referals from I certainly wouldn't bother using Maaco, especially from what I've read here.

I've learned you can't expect a quality result from places that focus on cheap. Even if you pay more. Just doesn't work out. Dentist, Law, Paint, ... Be happy with cheap, or go to a recommended quality place and bend over.

Good Luck.

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