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Update by user Jul 10, 2014

My apologies, it was the stabilizing link, not the tie rod. Maaco has paid for the replacement parts, repair, and repaiting.

As well as discounted me the original job. Skippy, hope a hurricane wipes out your house.

Original review posted by user Jul 05, 2014

So, first off, I have used Maaco before, with GREAT results at that. This time however, for the second 1997 Wrangler I have had painted by them, this was a TERRIBLE job.

I asked them to repair 3 rust spots, they did, and it looked great. Thats where the positive comments end. The owner/sales staffer and I worked up a 1240$ Estimate including exterior paint, and UV coating, the 3 rust spots, and painting the cares exterior from Teal to Black. We agreed to remove the fender flares, and not reattach them, I would be buying new ones.

Well, they failed to remove the fender flares, the hood bumpers, the radio antenna base, the soft top door frame, the spare-tire, The light sockets, or any other protruding part to paint the car. They didn't even paint a consistent enough coat to fill in the Torque bolts on the hood, the seams in the hinges or any other MINOR crevice in the vehicle frame. They didn't even paint the Tail Gate hinges that they buffed down to the factory primer! ITS STILL BARE!!!

To make matters worse, I was told the job would take 5-7 business days. Well, 14 business days later after calling 4 times, and having 3 failed Maaco-self-identified deadlines, the car was done. Well, done the eye-sore I am now stuck with. The best part was when I called for the 3rd failed deadline, and the .

Then I figured it our, the 'piece-dé-resistancé'. THEY BROKE THE TIEING ROD OF MY CAR!!! I owned this Jeep for 4 days, drove it from the shop I bought it at, 17 miles home. Never drove it till I took it to Maaco, only used DEALER-TEMP plates, never even registered the car.

Then Drove it back from Maaco (A total 6 miles round trip). The *** tie rod is SEVERED. So, did Maaco take my car off roading for a week or 2 and thats why it was so late? I can only imagine.

Either way, its damaged. Then, I didn't want the car left their, so to get it back, the maaco-franchise-owner wanted payment, except the credit card machines were magically down. So at 1130 on a saturday morning (in a world where ALL banks close at 12noon on saturdays), I had to run to the next town over to find a branch to withdraw over 1000$, cause ATMs dont let you take out more than 500* unless you are at your home bank.

I DEMANDED an itemized receipt, and I am beyond disgusted. WHAT A CROOK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Maaco Painting.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Tie rod is a solid rod of steel. They don't even break if you had a header with a concrete wall.

It is like the base of your thumb thick.

Severing the tie rod takes a cutting torch.(oxy/acetylene) Not even bendable. The connector joints would pop off first.

...Reason it was late. Maybe they only had one good sprayer and he was on holidays, or sick or something like that.

...Or someone else was sick or in jail or whatever.

...The painter paints. He does not remove stuff.

Not his job. However a painter never fills in the "torque bolts with paint" The paint is thinner than water. If he filled the torque bolts with paint and later you wanted to remove something which is bolted with those bolts, you will be burning the car to find out where they are.

He also does not fill in body crevices because that is where the body flexes. ...So all the prep work is not his responsibility.

The auto body guys grind out the rust and fill in the grinding so it is smooth. ...So out of this blame the sprayer for not doing the tailgate hinges.

That is all. ...I know all this because I do all stages of the auto body work.(body dent removal to spray paint finishing)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #839996

I brought my Jeep to MAACO on Cyrville Road in Ottawa, Ontario. Runs in paint job, uneven reinstall of bumper removed for paint job, large wax deposit left on my vehicule ...

Sloppy and rude ... I paid $1347 and will never use MAACO again!

to No fan #840409

No fan, thank you for being the only LEGIT response that has come of this post. I feel as though the other two are Maaco franchise, and/or corporate employees.

The sheer fact they are manipulating my last name in their user name, and attacking me is proof enough in its own.

Sorry for all the spam. Thank you for your story.


Those are totally STAGED pictures

to Sheena Hurleyman #840404

Staged pictures? That is quite an accusation.

From you and Skippy-boy over here, I find it hard to believe that this site is not infested with employees guised as consumers. These pictures are 100% undoctored, unstaged. I brought in my jeep, and made arangements to paint it that included removing the fender flares, and not reinstalling them, as I was getting after market ones. It was even one of the itemized points in the estimate (with a note to leave the old flares in the back seat, and not to throw them out).

This was not done, so obviously the slightly different demensioned after market flares did not line up. So I would refrane from lible slander towards users of this site.

to Sheena Hurleyman #869090

You are the staged comment! What sloppy work!

Sarasota, Florida, United States #836612

By the way, that is a stabilizer link that is old, rusty and wore out Little Boy.

to Skippy Pritchette Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #838641

Little boy? Aren't you quite condescending, I'm 30.

I a not a mechanic, yet realized the correct part name after my post. I understand rust and wear/tear on a car causes issues, but the fact of the matter still is: the car was not to be driven, and the part was not damage when the vehicle was left with the shop. In the end, it broke under their supervision. Sounds like you are a coward who stands behind the shield of a computer monitor, and insults strangers because you have nothing better to do in your recliner watching QVC.

Oh, and for your information: Maaco is repaiting the car, free of charge, paid for the replacement part, and discounted me the orginal price.

So, seems as though they admitted they were at fault. Nice manners.

to t.hurleyma #839898

"Oh, and for your information: Maaco is repaiting the car, free of charge, paid for the replacement part, and discounted me the orginal price. So, seems as though they admitted they were at fault."

Are they sending you a dozen of Roses as well?

to HurelyBoy #840405

No. One never sends a rose.

Unless dyed black.

As a warning. You sir have anger issues.

to Skippy Pritchette #869091

You should be sodomized in public! LOL!

Sarasota, Florida, United States #836611

If I were you, I'd blame Maaco for being a *** too.

to Skippy Prichett #869092

This work Maaco does not surprise me in the least! I am just surprised you have not gone out of business by now!

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