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I got my Lexus IS 250 painted at a Maaco in Dallas. The car was red and it needed to be white in order for my company to pay for it. I knpw that for $1300 it wasnt going to be perfect and therefore have no real conplaints on the job itself other than the fact that they completely destroyed the interiour to the point of needing thousands of dollars worth of repair and replacements. There is paint all over my dash, my leather seats, my steering...
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Anonymous So what was the outcome afterwards didn't you go to court did they repair your interior?

had them refinish my car was promised it would be ok and it was a mess runs ,overspray ,mouldings painted will never go there again they suck manager was rude and opnoxious when i brougt to his attention all the runs and overspray ,said he didnt charge me for them, what a *** .complained to corprate office and still got no results so i ha had car redone at another maaco shop in phila and it was beautiful glad there not all the same and as rude...
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Anonymous American General is a scam and will keep you under their foot as long as possible, I paid a huge amount at one time, thought I was a head of the game and next thing I know we ...


Anonymous AGF now Greenleaf is a rip off. We had our house mortgaged thru them. They told us if we would make 1/2 the payment every 2 weeks that we would cut our princable and get ahead...