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maaco of Puyallup are two faced. Took my car in for a paint job, that turned out horrible.

Paint cracked and there was overspray on my tires and wheels, even tho I was charged $25 for car cover for overspray. When I asked about the pimples and bumps in the paint I was told that "thats to be expected with an after market paint job". They didn't tell me that BEFORE they took my money! They were friendly until I took it back.

Now they won't even return my calls. I will never use maaco again and will tell everybody I know not to take their car there.

maaco of Puyallup is very unprofessional and lacks customer relations. Litigation is now in process.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Hey bennie, calling someone an *** because they post a comment shows your mentality.

The picture speaks for itself. Maaco gave no recommendations.

Their paint job merely sucked. I do agree that they tried to do it cheaply, thats why they went to Maaco.

Lesson learned. The puyallup maaco sucks when it comes to painting.

Puyallup, Washington, United States #878448

The problem is, any *** can say anything on here, regardless of whether or not it's true. Maaco of Puyallup enjoys a BBB rating of A+, because the BBB verifies the person is actually a customer and gives the company a chance to respond. This *** has no legal action pending, and the reason their finish isn't what they hoped is because they didn't follow MAACO's recommendation and tried to do it on the cheap, then blame MAACO when it failed.

to bennie Russellville, Arkansas, United States #972825

maaco is like the fast food of paint shops, and everyone knows you get what you pay for. but come on this is a big pile of BS!

who charges extra too have the wheels and tires covered for over spray? thats just part of a paint job lol, and then too still have overspray?

but this bad paint job is nothing but lazy bad prep work from maaco!

come on people they dont even use real paint at these places and not one person who considers themselves a respectable painter would work in one of these *** shops.

most of the business they get is from people that are too cheap and *** too know better, or used car dealers and shady people wanting too throw a cheap *** paint job on some junk they are trying to screw someone over on!

how could you defend this *** place? i have seen better paint jobs that will last 10x longer done with a freaking roller!

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #616840

Can I give them zero stars? They were extremely RUDE when we went to pick up our car (insulting my husband for calling to ask if the car was ready before he headed over to pick it up) AND they did a crappy job.

The dent repair was mediocre, but the paint job is NOT a match to the car. They said it would be blended in, but did not, and in the process, they scratched up our tinted windows and tail light. When we complained and did not want to pay for the TERRIBLE paint job (we were willing to pay for the dent repair) they were unwilling to work with us on that. They continued making personal insults.

Eventually they took some of the cost of the paint job off, but not all of it. Now we have scratches that we didn't have before AND we still have to get a new paint job done. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone. A nearby business (we used the restroom and told them the story) said this was an extremely common story with the Puyallup Maaco.

Seriously, a terrible experience.

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