I took my brand new truck to Maaco (first mistake) to get an estimate to have lower part of doors painted and 4 (off the truck)wheel well trims. Not

only was the estimator rude, as the phone rang, he raced inside without

excusing himself, but came back with an estimate of $1,000.00.

As this was somewhat of a shock to me, I said, "wow, how is it you can paint a whole car for $299?" His reply "well, we have to use a very expensive paint". What he should have said "there"s one born every minute".

As a left the shop a couldn't help to notice the number dirty cars there

were parked in there lot with recent paint jobs, and poor ones at that.

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if you owned a body shop how much time would you spend on a 299 paint job


299.00 paint job my butt. Jest to get in the sale office. a joke.


I wonder if his $ 299.00 special is false advertising because when I took my nissan armada to get an estimate on a basic black paint job for the $299.00 special an the assistant did the estimate on my truck an showed me the estimate I literally lost it !! can you believe the estimate to paint my truck black was a whopping $1,200.00 an that's without the door jams that's insane !! the price literally flipped twice it went from $299.00 to $1,200.00 that's crazy.

Chester, Virginia, United States #1155686

engrish not your strong point?


every place i ever went to said it will cost 1500 to 2000 and they said 299 i guess they think everyone is a sucker :cry


You are an ***. removal, preping and painting rims takes time. Your just a cheap {{Redacted}}

to D #643527

I think we and all tell who works at Maaco here.


1st a brand new truck needs to be painted with base-coat clear-coat paint to assure a match. The 299 paint that they offer is an economical single stage enamel paint.

As far as this estimators behavior sounds like he needs sales training.

I can buy a full dinner at Mcdonalds for 6.99 but not a surf and turf. :cry

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