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Took my care to Macco, Trolley Road Summerville SC.what was supposed to take 4-5 days...took 8 days. Of course I had a rental car (they did *** the rental fee but not the insurance fee) car looks good except for a few places where they will have to redo (when I have transportation, since I wont be inconvenienced like that again!)I don't think I should have paid a dime for those other 3 days as my car was promised to me a certain day and it was not delivered.

Also, they didn't wipe off all the wax off the car and left the inside of my car a mess! Dust everywhere and finger prints.

Now can you tell me why there would be fingerprints on my glove box? what were they doing in there?

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A lot of cars and trucks have the paint code in the glove box. There are also numerous reasons a glove box may be removed during a repair.

Door hinges or maybe fender bolts depending on the automobile. Some accidents also require reinspection by insurance for hidden damage behind bumpers, fenders, etc.

I don't know the shop, but along with incorrect or backordered parts, fixing anything that is broken can always take more time than expected. It sounds like they could have had better communication with you to help you understand.


Any business's nightmare never satisfied customer.

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