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I cant believe i was told one thing and peter the mgmt does another! ridiculous! i left my car under the impression that that it would be fixed correctly, so my bumper was pulled off after backing out of a garage and i asked peter to fix it! He said no problem, and when i came to get it he said it looks good right ? from a far, decent... but upclose, not even the way i expected... the rubber seal on my bumper which is supposed to be hidden was still showing after i picked it up...he was supposed to re-tuck my bumper and them put it in flush. i had asked him to get it closely aligned to stock and he said i never mentioned to repair it that way...basically calling me a liar. I dont understand how fixing a bumper should mean to get it closest to stock settings. i asked what he did, he said i had my body guy put a screw in a pop the light in ... and all this was worth $100! The first quote was 120 and honestly this was NOT worth $100.00. He said it took them 2 1/2 hours to fix, really?? to put in a screw and pop a bumper in? i think in thaty amount of time you should have done it correctly instead of trying to rip off a customer! The bumper is not even aligned at all!

Peter is a ***. worst customer service that Ive had from any body shop! Get off my property he says, your trespassing. HE KNEW HE WAS IN THE WRONG. Wow!

Great customer service peter! Ill be glad to spread great reviews about your appalling service!

As i was leaving, another customer was complaining about his paint not matching!

From one business man to another, you should retire and work where no customer service is required. What a rude individual.


Choose another body shoppe and not diamonds springs or any other maaco!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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