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Update by user Jun 23

While deleting old voicemails off of my cell phone I discovered a voicemail from Maaco corporate customer support. I called and left a voicemail for Taylor Gillenbrand (sp) letting her know that this issue with my vehicle has still not been resolved. I am awaiting a call back from her or someone else with Maaco.

Update by user Jun 04

Skype video call recorded with Michael ??, Pissed Consumer earlier today.

Update by user May 30

Received the following email reply from my email to Sam Chatman: Message not delivered There was a problem delivering your message to Sam.chatman@********.com. See the technical details below, or try resending in a few minutes. I know the email is correct because I replied to his email.

Update by user May 29

As of today, 29 May 2018, I have yet to hear anything back from any representative of Maaco. The following email message was sent today.

I am also including two new pictures of my vehicle from where I actually got to see it from the top while looking out my upstairs window. In the picture you will notice that the roof is two different shades of black and does not match the rest of the truck. –------- EMAIL TEXT PASTED BELOW Sam, I'm going to assume that, since you have not contacted me again and no one else at Maaco has either, you don't give a crap about this case. I'm going to update you on what's going on with this case anyway.

I just happened to be looking out of one of my upstairs windows and looked at the top of my truck. I can tell from the top of the truck it is two different shades of matte black, which is unbelievable to me because I didn't even know that there were two different shades. I am attaching more pictures for you to review.

I'm also advising you at this moment that I will be contacting an attorney to file a lawsuit against Maaco because that apparently is the only way I'm going to get any type of resolution from you. I will also be updating my online review on the pissed customer website and I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well.

Update by user Apr 08

On 03 April 2018, I copy/pasted this full complaint on Maaco's Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1791989054195928&id=523099884418191 On 04 April 2018, I received the following response from someone who posted as Maaco: "Hello, Walter. Thank you for reaching out to us about these issues.

We are sorry to see that you've been disappointed with your services and we want to make sure you're assisted.

A member of our Customer Service team will be reaching back out to you soon. Thank you for your patience." As of this day, I have received no further contact.

Update by user Apr 03

Still no new contact from Maaco management. I have now posted my complaint on Maaco's Facebook page and will still be filing a BBB complaint as well.

Update by user Mar 28

I have also decided to file a complaint with the BBB against Maaco. Maybe then they will actually respond.

Update by user Mar 28

Tuesday, 13th March 2018 Maaco district manager Sam Chatman called me at 1426 et. I gave him a very detailed complained about the problems I had with Maaco, their employees, and the work that was performed along with the damage to my vehicle.

Sam gave me his email address and advised me to forward him the pictures and video that I had showing the problems that I had had with the job that was supposed to be done. I have not heard anything from him since that date. As of this post, it has been 15 days since I talked to him. This morning I sent him two additional email.

The first email was asking him for an update on my complaint. The second email was to inform him that I had put my vehicle in a body shop to have work that Maaco was supposed to do but did not complete properly and for the damage they had done to my vehicle. I informed him that this job cost me an additional $566.

I also informed him that the paint job that they did on my vehicle only a few weeks ago was already showing signs of chipping and peeling in certain areas and I was going to end up having to get the vehicle completely painted again at some point in the near future. I am awaiting a response from him or anyone else at Maaco.

Update by user Mar 13

Monday, 12 March 2018 Arrived at the location to pickup my vehicle. Upon inspection, I observed that the areas on my vehicle that I had advised had been missed as well as the scratches and the palm print on the roof had been shabbily been sorta corrected.

The areas looked as though the corrections had been done, unprofessionally, with a paint brush. My brand new fender still has two noticeable bends in it and the back hatch also still had not had the issue of paint over chipped/cracked paint corrected. Upon further review, I did notice splotches, blotches, streaks, and other abnormalities in the paint over the entire vehicle. I also observed that my vender and hood were still not seated properly.

Instead of leaving my vehicle again,I decided to pay the full amount and to regain possession of my vehicle. I spoke with the manager, Jay, and advised him that I was extremely upset and displeased with the customer service, the attitude of Jason, the damage to my vehicle, and the poor quality of work. I got the impression that Jay didn't give {{Redacted}}. I went outside to my vehicle and called the Atlanta Police Department (APD) to come out to create an incident report for the damage to my vehicle.

The APD officer spoke with Jay. Jay blatantly told a bold face lie, stating that I never advised him of anything I was claiming and had paid the ticket in full. I advised the officer that Jay was lying and I had the text messages to prove it. I also advised the officer that I had paid for my vehicle because it had already been there for two weeks and I was not leaving it again.

After all the above had been completed, I again contacted Maaco corporate to updated my complaint.

I was advised that Taylor Lee was assigned the complaint the prior Friday, 09 March 2018 and would be contacting me. I was also advised that my complaint was being escalated to the highest level since the police were now involved.

Update by user Mar 13

Thursday, 08 March 2018 Complaint opened with corporate office. I provided all the info listed in the original complaint on this site. I was advised that I would be contacted by someone in the corporate office by Friday, 09 March 2018 at the latest.

Original review posted by user Mar 08

My truck was taken to Maaco (1826 Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia 30315) to have a fender, which I bought brand new and supplied to them, replaced and the vehicle painted matte black.

The vehicle was delivered by me after conversations with an employee, Jason, and the manager, Jay, on Monday, 26 February 2018.

I was told by both men that the job would take three days, no more than four, to complete. This means that I should have had my vehicle back no later than that Friday, 2 March 2018.

After several days and multiple excuses and stories by multiple people, I was finally told my vehicle would not be ready until Monday, 5 March 2018. The vehicle still was not ready that day and I was pushed to the next day.

When I arrived to pick up my vehicle on Tuesday, 6 March 2018, it was still not completed. There were areas on the truck that were not painted and the primer still showing, smudges that looked like someone touch the vehicle while it was wet, scratches in the paint that look like something was dragging across the roof while they were working, an area where the vehicle did not appear to be sanded and paint put on top of other peeling paint, and a very poor job done on the roof that was showing streaks and swirls.

Also, the brand new Fender that I had Supply to them had two bends in it.

Before I ever even said anything about the bend, Jason stated that the brand new Fender already had the bends in then when I gave it to them. This in spite of the fact that it was brand new and still had the protective tip covers on it when I turned it over. He also tried to tell me that the area that look like paint was placed over peeling paint was never painted by them, even though it was now a different color and the same matching color of the new paint.

Jason Ben got an attitude and no longer wanted to talk to me because he is stated that he needed to go pick up his daughter from school, at 5 p.m. eastern time.

I sent the manager, Jay, multiple text messages listing the issues that I had and accompany them with pictures and a video. I didn't attempt it for two days to contact Jay but got no response from him.

I was finally able to contact Jay two days after I attempted to pick up my vehicle. He then tried to state that he could not do anything about my Fender because it was already bent when they got it.

I advised him that, at that point, I was more concerned about making sure that my paint job was corrected so that it would be ready for me to pick up when I return to Atlanta on Monday, 12 March 2018. He then stated that he would go out and look at the vehicle because the photos I sent were not clear and he could not see what I was talking about.

This indicated to me that he had not even addressed the issue during the two days he had between the time I tried to pick up the vehicle and I was finally able to get in touch with him.

Attached are the same photos and video that I sent as a text to the manager, Jay. I have since also filed a complaint with their corporate office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maaco Truck Painting.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Terrible customer service, Lack of quality, Painting, Damage to new part, Time to complete shitty job.

Customer made 2 calls to the company using contacts on our site.
Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Mar 08.
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