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Why does Maaco practice theft by conversion?


Who do I contact with a complaint.

JAMES M. GARAY 28562 Brookhill Road Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679 Telephone: (949) 709-8044 * Cellular: (949) 241-1200 e-mail: March 27, 2017 Maaco Corporate Office & Headquarters 440 S.

Church Street, Suite 700 Charlotte, NC 28202 Re: Repair Invoice Order #100 To Whom It May Concern: I would like to submit a formal complaint against Patrick Shane, employee for the Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting body shop at the Lake Forest, California location. My daughter made an appointment to meet with Patrick on February 24, 2017 to have him inspect paint defections found in the surface of her 2005 Lexus IS 300. Patrick told my daughter that it is company policy to take back the vehicle where the original job was done and that he could not help her address the issue and recommended that she take back the vehicle to the Laguna Niguel body shop for repairs. I contacted Patrick the next day to confirm if what he said to my daughter was true and he was very hesitant in his response when asked what his last name was.

I continued to ask him about company policy concerning warranties and the responsibility of the Maaco Corporation to meet their commitment and obligation to their customers in repairing paint jobs that have been identified as being defected. Patrick responded very defensively and informed me there was no policy about not repairing a car under warranty in his shop which his answer was different than what he said to my daughter. He continued by saying the defections found was due to my daughter being hard on the vehicle which caused the defections in the paint surface and considered it as natural defections. I tried to explain to Patrick that Joe Interrante has contradicted what he has assessed but he continued to rattle on as our conversation became heated and I advised him that I would be contacting the corporate office on Monday to express my displeasure over this issue and I hung up the phone.

My daughter drove to the Maaco body shop location in Laguna Niguel and spoke with Joe Interrante who inspected the vehicle and concluded the defections on the surface of the vehicle were in fact a result of a poor job done by Ken Richards and his crew. A visible bubble on the paint surface was also detected which is not caused by the age of the paint but poor application. This evaluation is a total contradiction of what Patrick had assessed. Page 1 It is clear to me that Patrick did not want to honor the warranty because he felt no obligation to do so and may have been deceitful with customers like my daughter in the past.

I feel that Maaco Corporation will need to clarify in their policy what is the responsibility of each shop to work with customers that have a service warranty issue in helping to avoid misrepresentation or misunderstanding. I have read the Yelp evaluation ratings on Patrick with his previous customers but I did witnessed the other negative side of him when angered and how he manipulated my daughter taking advantage of the fact she was young and a female. This is something I will not tolerate and will fight to defend the rights of my daughter given the fact she paid for the services that Patrick refused to honor and tried to use the “Being Hard on the Vehicle” excuse. Unacceptable!

My daughter should have been given a choice of going to any Maaco Body Shop under the warranty policy without misrepresentation or deceit. I am sure this will not be the only case that is presented to your office with respect to a customer who will not be satisfied with Patrick and his tricks. I am a retired law enforcement agent and Patrick can fool some people but not everyone. It’s only a matter of time before this issue resurfaces due to the nature of the person.

I am happy to plant the seeds so Patrick will think twice before taking advantage of someone like my daughter. I had my son a few years ago paint his 2003 Chevy Tahoe at the Lake Forest Maaco Body Shop for the same price as my daughter when Miguel Carrillo was running the shop. He did a good job and he was a good man. On November,2013 my daughter had her vehicle painted by the Maaco body shop at the Laguna Niguel, California location and paid $1,763.09 on December 5, 2013 for the paint job which included a 5 year warranty against peeling fading and wrinkling.

That means the warranty is still good until December 5, 2018. That means it has been 3 years and 3 months since she had the paint job. The repairs or paint job was not completed on the date full payment was made. The vehicle had to be taken back four times after December 5, 2013 because the technician left areas that were faded and the window tint was damaged and needed to be replaced.

The clips inside of the hood broke and you can hear the movement of the loose clips when you open the hood to this very day. I have attached a copy of the invoice # 100 dated December 5, 2013 for $1,763.09 (See Attachment A) and a copy of tint invoice #827 dated 12/14/13 for $100.00 (See Attachment B). Joe Interrante, the Manager/Owner of the Maaco Body Shop has given an estimate of repairs #6072 of $712.52 which I believe maybe high considering the circumstances (See Attachment C) Given the major inconvenience to my daughter and myself, not to mention the cost of a rental car while the repairs are made at $100.00 a day for four days=$400.00, I asked that your company help make a decision that will reduced the $712.52 estimate to a lower or no cost expense so all parties can be satisfied moving forward.

Will the 5 year warranty cycle start over or extend if Joe Interrante repaints the car under warrantee. Sincerely, James Garay Page 2


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