To keep from filing a claim on my insurance, I was going to put the cost of damages to the car that my son hit on my credit card.We got the estimate and had them repair the car.

When we went to pick up the car, they refused to take my credit card because the car wasn't owned by me or a family member. I had to jump through hoops to get the money to get the car out of their shop. I will never ever ever use them again. Not only was I insulted that they wouldn't take my credit card, I had to get cash from my credit card transferred into my bank account and then they wouldn't accept my check.

I was furious. Needless to say, I will not ever go back and I will tell everyone I know not to go there.

I have never disputed a charge on my card and it really gets under my skin when a "professional" accuses me of trying to do just that.Sorry buddy....you've lost a customer.

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Caddo Mills, Texas, United States #1239383

Get over it, this was all your fault because you or the lady were to *** lazy to go get the vehicle yourselves.Typical immature person who blames others for their stupidity!

it's your fault ***!Man up and accept your responsibilities !

Dallas, Texas, United States #748790

You sent your son in to pay with a credit card that did not match his name.I assume this was your card because I never met you, and a womans name was imprinted on the card.

We do not accept cards that do not match, per normal credit card rules, nor do we accept personal checks, or non-guarenteed third party payment.I'm sorry that I did not communicate that properly to you during our phone conversation.

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