Killeen Maaco had my brand new car for 5 days to do a stripe paint job for $750. They returned car on Friday afternoon around 5pm, and upon entry to my car noticed paint dust in multiple places in my car to include handprints on my leather seats. Upon the next day review of the paint job noticed lots of imperfections.

Every single line and corner on my stripe paint job was jagged and choppy; the paint was not pressed down under clear coat and could feel paint; tape residue, smeared paint, and dirt in multiple places under clear coat; clear coat wasn't thick enough on spoiler and there was holes in clear coat there; clear coat was dripped over the entire length of my car and in my window track which a month later still haven't gotten all of it out;they oversprayed paint on my windshield wiper fluid sprayers;  they left unremovable residue on my taillights which now have to be replaced;  they scratched a 2-3" inch scratch on my front right passenger side; and misaligned the stripes on my spoiler to my trunk.

 After speaking with owner Jim Miller, he told me that the paint job want going to be perfect and defended  their work saying that they did it hos they always do and used the same tape as always.  Owner acted very unsympathetic and rude before eventually offering to repair.  Said that I might try for Monday for repair if I can be out of a car for another 5 days. Called Maaco in Waco to see what they would do and they told me that they don't even paint stripes and could not help me.Spoke with 2 other auto paint and detail professionals in temple who said that what Maaco did was not fixable;  they said I would see the lines and be able to feel them; this paint job was not fixable over my manufacture paint esp with trying to widen the pinstripe and stripe lines they messed up to fix the mistake.  Opted to fix at location other than Maaco  in 3 days time and my paint turned out flawless bc they had to repaint the whole hood, trunk, and spoiler!

Put a complaint in to Maaco corporate, spoke with owner again to reason with him but received the same treatment as before with unsympathetic and egotistical attitude. Even though I explained to him about how unprofessional the job was, how unsatisfied I was, and that other detailers said what they did was unfixable the way Maaco wanted to do it, he still refused to.acknowledge anything was unprofessional and stated that I should have gotten it fixed at Maaco. Tried to get even a miniscule amount of money back to fix my scratch and taillights but he refused.  Obviously this man's (Jim Miller) reputation isn't as important as money!

After going back and forth to the Killen location, corporate told me that the owner has the last say and that I would not be refunded anything for my loss. Corporate fail, what good are they if they don't help customers?! Took me $900 to fix their $750 mistake...overall a $1650 mistake for letting them touch my car! Don't go here, it is a ripoff. Go to a detailed who actually does detail for a living!!! RIPOFF!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Maaco Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1650.

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It is very difficult to find quality work at a reasonable price in Killeen Texas. I suggest you look farther than in the Killeen area.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1258056

its maaco what did you expect. They are known for crappy paint jobs

to Anonymous #1610835

Used to be earl Schoenberg of cheap sat paint scammers

Arlington, Texas, United States #1178100

How much did the Dealer quote to do the work?


Dude you paid $750 for something that normally costs $1200-$1700. Maaco sucks anyone who goes there should expect sub-standard work. Thats why its so cheap duh!!!!!!!!


They suck! Took my car to one in Dallas.

First they completely screwed up bond job on front of car.. Then took it back to get it redone and they painted front end wrong color!! Mind you this is same paint job they did, if they had bothered to look in my file this mistake would not have been made!

They still have not fixed their own mistakes!!! Never trust this company

to Anonymous #1169166

if you know places better than share so people can send there business and Money else where it is helpful you know?

Boynton Beach, Florida, United States #955621

Brand New? You must have brain damage, whtpy would you not I cluded the stripping in the purchased price

Your brain dead. Don't complain about your own stupidty

to *** poeple patrol Deltona, Florida, United States #1267723


Marshall, Texas, United States #708210
I feel bad for ya , but listen up , you get what ya pay for, should of checked out a custom shop first and paid them $2000.00 to do it right the first time, even after you paid somebody $900, I bet ya it still looks like ***. :cry
to bayraider #1357500

How about some empathy. As customers we do expect some level of professionalism for everything each and every day.

It is pretty simple, do no harm, and treat people with respect, regardless of the situation. In my mind it does not matter what something cost we should receive quality, professional work, and just simple plain good customer service. Just my 2 cents worth. I to have fallen victim to Maaco drama, damaging my car, poor quality, poor workmanship, and poor customer service after they got my money.

I learned a life lesson. As much as I want to trust some people and companies the rude reality is they just don't care and they rip you off. Call me crazy, call me a sucker, i don't care.

Do on to others as you wish they would do to you, be honest, fair, and above all do what you say you are going to do, no lies, no delays, tell the truth, and do the right thing always, take the high road opposed to not. Thanks for listening.

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