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After initially picking up my jeep, I found several flaws. I called Maaco & they said to bring it back so they can fix the runs/ globs of whatever.

When I picked it up the second time, a couple of the flaws that they said they would fix were still there. When I pointed them out Phil told me that I paid for a cheap paint job and I should expect this type of quality.

When my wife got in the jeep she noticed the glove compartment was broken and the top was not fastened. I am currently emailing every address I can find to let people know.

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Why don't you take them to small claims court? Why not tell them that you can have the poor workmanship repaired by another shop and sue them.

But before you do that, tell them they are getting their last chance before you do.

If the glove box was broken into, tell them the next call will be to your insurance company for a claim and that the insurance company will go after them. If they aren't ***, they will make it right for you.

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