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DON'T EVER GO TO MAACO TO GET YOUR CAR PAINTED!! They will mislead you and deny responsibility for their sloppy work, and you'll get no help from their corporate Customer Service Department.

At the Maaco at 6601 Old Cheney Hwy in Orlando, we bought the 5 yr warranty, which they claimed was on sale. The work order says "Super Prep", and "Sand and Prime as needed". They just sprayed over the old paint. $835, plus emblem replacements and labor came to $1500. I have all the paperwork and receipts.

When the paint blistered within 6 months, I took it in to be fixed. The owner became rude and argumentative. He was antagonistic the whole time, and couldn't understand why I wasn't happy, when it was under warranty.

I just happen to believe that it should have been done right to begin with.

When I went to pick it up, I asked him to pay for my rental car, since they were responsible for my other car needing to be left there. Also, there were two scratches on the front bumper that weren't there when I brought it in.

I as a female frankly felt threatened and unsafe when the owner became angry, loud and antagonistic.

I had two friends with me, thank goodness, and the owner started to argue with them, and yell. After I said, "$1500 dollars and you can't sand the car?"

He lost his temper and said he won't honor the warranty, he's through with my car.

This man cannot control himself, and I felt unsafe around him.

I complained to Maaco Corporate, and after talking to me once, they never called back. Obviously their public image isn't important to them.

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August 18th 2015 went to Maaco in LONGWOOD Florida for the $299. Dollar special they are advertizing on T.V .

Very Deceptive Advertizing . It turns out that it's really $749.00 after primer and sealing. The owner Chuck became really hostile when I told him that their ad was deceptive, then followed me all the way out to the parking lot.

Talking Down to me calling me a Stubburn old man..

Refused to give me his Business card so I can report him to the BBB. BEWARE and report Fraud to stop others from Wasting their time Like I did.

New York City, New York, United States #799855

Thank you for your report, I refuse to take my car to that place in longwood.

Longwood, Florida, United States #766816

This is not the longwood location!!!!! This shop was in Orlando fl.

They aren't in business any longer.

Maaco shops are independently owned and operated . The longwood location has different owners and has been in business since 1985 .

Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States #711125

They *** suck period they should be fined and close Down


maaco in madison,tn sucks. Painted my truck had to take it bake still didnt fix it right.

I called them back and said they already had extra 5 hours in it."THEY KEEP IT TWO WEEKS FOR THAT FIVE HOURS WORK".

He refused to do any more work it. They ***KING SUX.


The Better Business Bureau logs complaints and attempts to mediate but has no teath. Sue the store in small claims court and come with pictures. Let the owner know your intention.


I do hope that you did not stop there. If you cannot get anywhere with the Maaco shop where the work was done, or w/ the corporate office, then you call the corporate office back and state that YOU WILL be calling the Better Business Bureau and having their company investigated as to WHY they refuse to correct a flaw in the work you PAID them to do correct the first time.

They certainly must feel that you were intimidated and will do nothing because you are a woman. The guy that runs this shop in Orlando must have felt like a real MAN when he was such a professional business man and not only yelled at you, but also your friends. I would have told him that " I WAS DONE WITH HIM " like he told you he was done with your car and immediately called the Better Business Bureau. No owner likes for you to think about calling them, because this could have them shut down or inconvenience them while an investigation was going on.

SOOOOO, he had inconvenienced you a great deal. Give him the A OR B option.

A- you fix my card the right way or B- you will be hearing from the Better Business Bureau and my lawyer. Bet he will change his attitude.

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