I am in the car business and used to own my own body and paint shop. I took in 2 ford f350 crewcab diesels to get painted, one white, one green.

The white one came out excellent, the paint laid down smooth, and the body work was strait. There were a few small issues with overspry, however for $650 I could not complain. the second truck was a nightmare. They had it for three months and it ended up the wrong color!

I brought the second truck in running and driving, yet they left the key on and drained the batteries.

They stripped it to bear metal when it was to be a scuff and shoot. After two months it was ready for paint.

I was constantly told that it would be ready in a fews days again and again. When finally painted it was black and not green. Not a big issue since black trucks sell better, however the jambs were still green.

Manager told me that I wanted the truck black, we argued and they wanted to knock $50 off the price, I refused, finally they agreed to repaint it, I told them no, to jamb it black. Got a call 2 hours later telling me they were going to paint it green, I said no, to save time and materials to jamb it black, was told would be ready in three days. In three days I was told three more days. Three days after that it still wasnt done, two day go by and it is now done.

Go to get truck, two big problems. The gas doors where still green and the truck had dead batteries still. Now all shops are independently owned, though they all use the same materials. They use Sherwin Williams paint, which is a great product.

These guys can do quality work on any car, I have seen it. The problem is that with such high production they get lazy. They charged me half of what anyone else did. I dropped a third truck off to them that came out beautiful and in less then a week.

Inspect the cars before you leave, do not pay in full if there is more work needed, instead write a repair contract that you will pay in full when the car is done and will pay nothing until then.

Get a definite delivery date as to when your car is to be done. State in the contract that for each day the car is not done that they must provide you with a free rental car!

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