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So I go to maaco In fairfax Va and I drive a 91 camaro rs witch has plastic body kit. The manager comes out and just says we can paint it.

that i would need all new bumpers and side skirts mind you theres nothing wrong with the ones on the car. Then says well your going to have to get it custom painted.What your macco you should be able to paint anything.

Not be lazy and complain that your slow then turn down bussiness. I have two other cars that I will not take back 2 Maaco

Thx for nothing

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Consider yourself lucky they didnt take it and *** on a crappy paint job. Or, steal things out of your car like they have been doing in many other reviews.


Firts of all I will not let any Fng maaco paint my camaro.




They did you a favor, your junk plastic body kit won't hold paint. Don't get angry with Maaco because you picked a crappy body kit.


That doesn't sound like something you should be online complaining about. At least they didn't take it, paint it and screw it up. Whatever reason he chose not to do it, he could have ignored and taken your money leaving you with something you aren't happy with.

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