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this place is a no go! i brought my fiances car in (who is currently overseas in kuwait) on a Friday and i was to have it returned on Saturday which was a week from the day i brought it in.

i didn't receive any call updates what so ever i would call in and wouldn't get any answers about my vehicle and also not get any returned phone calls. the Saturday turned into Tuesday after being told my body work was already completed on Thursday the week ahead to go up there on that Friday to retrieve personal belongings and the fender was just being replaced and the car was only sand down. i didn't receive a phone call on Saturday when i was suppose to go and get my car i had to call in order for them to say hey we need to keep the car another three days because we still have to paint it. i gave them until Tuesday and when i call to find out when i can go and get it i was told it was just getting painted and should be ready but Wednesday afternoon i called the morning of and i was told something went wrong and it has to be repainted they will try n finish up by the end of the day or have it ready for me the next morning even though i was told it would be ready that afternoon.

so i decided to just pop up and see the results and find out whats really going on. i get there and my car isn't at all painted like i was told and the body was complete but the roof and the hood was just getting sanded after it has been there over a week. i would never recommend this company to anyone especially woman because i am more then sure if i wasn't a woman my work would have been done when i was told it would be and they would have brushed of my car as though it was a priority at all in there books. this is my first and last time using this company i am completely disappointed.

the whole time i was lied to by including the manager who admitted to it as though he had no shame in the customer service that he just gave off. all i wanted to do was to make sure that he came home to his car as though i know he wanted it he take pride in his car and i would hate for something to go wrong or him not be satisfied with the results and have no choice but to just deal.

so now i am waiting on a car that was suppose to be ready a week ago which im not getting until two weeks after. please do not take your car or anyone else for that matter to this place or you will be guaranteed poor customer services from a lying manager and staff.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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