I don't know if all the Maaco's are the same, but I had the best experiance and quality work that body shops could not believe were done at Maaco.

The Maaco located in Saddle Brook, N.J. is the best Macco that I have ever seen. Over the many redues that i had to have done, I finally located a facility that is very proffesional and will do what it takes to get the job done right.

The shop informed me that they were very sorry for any inconvienience that i had gone through and that the vehicle would take 4 days to repair. Not only was the vehicle in great shape but I also got the car back in 3 days. it's now been about 2 years and my car is still looking like the day that I drove it out of the showroom.

I believe that the Maaco's are separately owned and I would definitly recommend the Maaco in Saddle Brook, N.J.

Product or Service Mentioned: Maaco Repair.

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I live in Pembroke Pines FL and this is my first car.
I haven't started driving it yet but it's a 1996 Nissan Altima.
...I'm looking for the best place to get a great paint job for about $1,000.
I'm apprehensive because of all of the bad things i'm hearing about Maaco.
What kind of paint job did you get? My car has no dings but there's a little rust.
How much did you pay for your paint job???
And did it really look that great???
Please help me before i make a terrible decision!!! :sigh

keith is indeed right...maaco isn't that great but its great for the money

you get a 400 dollar paint for a 400 paint job...nothing more!



Why would you automatically assume this person is working for Maaco? I don't see any proof of that. You should apologize.



so what your trying to say is, you work for maaco and the 1 you work at, in Saddle Brook NJ, is professional and better then the others!? ;) sry, they are all cheap, sh*t work, done by amateurs and teenage junkies!

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