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very rude treated me terribly poor customer service broke trim on my door and lied and said it was already broke very un professional two fenders painted . and pinstripe replaced they act really nice to get ur business and very horrible when u demand they show better customer service their work is very un professional and they threatened me maaco u are a very bad business very very bad it doesnt help to report them to the better business beruea nothing gets done the manager had called me from their personal cell phone and threatened me they are evil dont trust em

Monetary Loss: $300.

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They trashed my car too. They were friendly, then destroyed my car.

No one should go to this place for repairs... ever.


This is funny, I actually have to agree with Who Cares. Read the complaint, and make your own conclusions.

To the customer service person, Who Cares is right, the customer always comes first, no matter how bad their education level.

So what if copout can´t write? Apparently neither can you, haha (hint, it is written sentence, not sentance).

Rolling Prairie, Indiana, United States #248076

why are you guys dogging the guy who made a complaint about a business ????? who cares how you write ?

you guys are trash!!! get a life !!! customer service???? i hope i never deal with you ....

customers come first and do you even know this guy? you make me sick ***

Rolling Prairie, Indiana, United States #248075

it's funny that people comment on someone making a complaint . no i'm not a school teacher, that comment was made because ur ***!!!!!

and don't preach about the way someone writes on this retarded little drama pissed consumer site when you can't spell yourself ....

dumb... :eek


How do you expect anyone to take your experience seriously?? You obviously have a poor grasp on the English language and terrible sentance structure.

We use periods and commas for a reason. And you are a school teacher? No wonder our kids are dumbasses. I work in customer service and I know people like you.

Never satisfied, rude, demanding. You should probably take a look at yourself and maybe you will realize that your actions and reactions caused you to have a bad experience.

to hijinxfarley #1566127

Unbelievable. These people took my car, in perfect condition, to replace a door...

then would not return it for 3 months. They put 1800 miles on it. Bent all interior door pannels. Dash is destroyed.

No interior lighting now works. Console was shredded. Interior surfaces cracked. Radiator blown...

that they then made me pay 2/3 of after I had driven it 10 miles home. Paint was splashed by some type of dissolution chemical n my car is now peeling, it was returned with no oil, external trim was broken/removed or had paint splotches, speedometer no longer works, anti lock breaks were broken, wind shield wiper fluid line was cut with razor, the list continues... I had to involve an attorney for radiator... this is by far, the worst experience i have ever had with a company.

Do not ever, ever take your car to these people. They took my car in perfect condition but a door replacement...

and DESTROYED IT. Horrible people.


uhh...your a skool teacher? You clearly dont teach English!

Maybe the guy that painted your car was in one of your classes and simply has the education of a 3rd grader!

He wasnt being rude, just borderline retarded. Maybe you should proofread your posts before clicking "send" buddy!

Rolling Prairie, Indiana, United States #237039

it seems the person who made the comment concerning my complaint really may be offended by what i said coherent maybe you or a family member has a job with maaco? and yes they are all the same.

let me remind you when you operate a business under the name of another you represent that entity. now i'm a school teacher. as i said before they threatened me and furthermore i'm not giving more information than i need to .

they are very rude !!!!!! incompitent one how about comment on yourself????


I had a great ecperience having my car painted. It wasn't perfect but i didn't expect it to be for the price I was willing to pay which was less than $400.00 I notice the writer didn't give the location and is trashing the whole organization.

These are franchise stores so each one can be a little different. I doubt if the report is true

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