Problems: Dropped of 2004 Nissan Titan on 12/9 to have it painted Nissan white Q10.Agreed upon price $1,375.

Was told work would be completed by Friday 12/13. Placed call on Friday to check status, was told truck would be completed Saturday. Saturday received call and was told truck would be ready Monday. No contact on Monday.

Went in person to Maaco on Tuesday 12/17 to check on status of truck. Was told truck was ready by Tom Durkin. I saw truck in parking lot and immediately noticed door handles were painted white. Did walk around on 'completed' truck and found numerous problems: 1) black door handles were painted over white - this was not requested or listed on estimate, no other black trim was intentionally painted 2) door lock/key hole painted over white 3) cracking/chipped paint around antenna 4) paint on tires 5) painted exhaust pipe 6) overspray on frame under truck 7) overspray on several sections of trim 8) paint/debris on floor mats inside truck 9) cracked paint on hood 10) lightly painted section on driver door roof-original gray showing thru 11) overspray on foglight covers 12) brush painted/fingernail polish painted around upper window on driver side 13) bedliner filthy from dirt/paint, unknown if wash will remove it 14) paint/dirt on back of passenger seat?

15) painted over dust? bumps of unk origin in several areas 16) painted over chips on hood (excessive chip repair $149.95 on estimate- was told that would take care of chips) Explained to Tom that in my opinion my truck was not completed and ready to pickup. Tom agreed that I could order new black door handles and cost would be taken of bill. After discussion, Tom finally agreed truck was not ready for pickup and he would have it cleaned up and problems addressed.

Tom explained area around antenna was the best it could be without removing antenna. I agreed to remove antenna since it is apparently impossible to tape off antenna base and paint around it. I returned home and ordered the replacement door handles on line ($55.18 total including shipping). On Wednesday 12/18, I returned to Maaco to remove door handles ( I was concerned upon removal the paint would crack and chip since they were just painted over) and remove the antenna so the area would be painted properly.

My truck was in front of the shop stall and Tom was going around it and 'cleaning.' I removed the door handles and antenna (30 seconds, pried up with screwdriver). I again began pointing out problems with the workmanship. Tom again tried to explain that essentially 'its the best they can do.' I became frustrated again with the 'this is the best we can do' 'you get what you pay for' attitude when it was obviously a rushed/poor job. I asked Tom for a discount and I would take the truck now 'as is' since it was apparent my complaints were not being acknowledged or addressed.

Tom got the manager (didn't get his name). I along with the manager attempted to walk around the vehicle ( as I had twice with Tom) and point out my complaints and have them acknowledged. After pointing out 3 or 4 of my complaints and the manager responding 'best we can do' 'do you want me to shoot the guy who painted this?' (absurd) 'best we can do for $1300' 'we got 8 vehicles a day to do' I requested a discounted price. Manager would not discount price or acknowledge any poor workmanship.

I explained I am not paying 'full price' for the poor/sloppy work done.Asked if there was a district manager or someone else I could express my concerns to and was told there was not everything comes back to him.

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Another example of fail work!


This is Mesa AZ MAACO 3113 E Main St Mesa AZ 85213

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