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I took my 2004 Ford Mustang to be repainted at the Spencer Hwy location in Pasadena. What a lousy paint job, there are spots all over the car where they DID NOT APPLY EMOUGH PAINT and left HUGE SWIRL MARKS ALL OVER THE CAR FROM THE SANDER and you can still see the long deep scratch that was there when I brought it in. The clear coat is horrible...they must use the CHEEPEST CLEAR COAT AVAILABLE.

Don't take your car there unless it's a piece of *** and you don't care how it looks!Very dissapointed

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I a former Employee of three Maacos's Columbus GA 2 years , Antioch TN 1 year, and Las,Vegas NV 5 years. Most of you all have it right each Maaco is very different but all have to stick with the same prices most of the time.

I'm only going to talk about these three Maaco's to be fare. Columbus Branch owner Larry Clark good man USAF(RET) and i would say does the job to the "T" NO more NO less you will get your money's worth here. Antioch TN the best Maaco i worked at his name is Scooty i was always shocked when i was working on a car that needed a little extra to make the job that much better he always let me do it no questions , or if it was a hard color to shoot in single stage he would let us shoot it with a dupont nason base so there wont be a problem good man best maaco that i know. Maaco Las,Vegas worst owner in the world BOB the JEW Berlinger this guy is the cheapest boy in the world and does not follow the guidelines set by Maaco for procedures i will list them now when you pay for a chemical striping of a panel or whole car he does that but never apples acid etch primer over the bare metal surface , he just apply's a liquor primer on bare metal, It should be metal, Etch primer , Then 2k Urethane Primer and this primer gets prep for paint, sence he chooses not to apply the Etch primer "to save money" well guess what i hope you like your paint peeling because it will.

Now lets go to the paint side the cars get masked what you pay to get removed and not masked 60% of the time gets masked anyways. Now the car is in the Paint Booth to get a full wipe down of degreaser and then Tacked off to get rid off dust/trash on the surface ohhh wait he skipped a step again i forgot he don't buy degreaser that removes oil's from the workers hands when they sand on a car or the oils coming out the air sanders so now 80% of the cars have fisheye's the little dimples in the paint surface that looks like the paint was being repelled from that area because OIL is there simple fix if he would buy the products to get the job done. He paints cars wrong colors because he forget the customer wanted a new color

and he forgot to put on the work order "color change" and the new paint code so how are the workers going to know? He is rude with customers yells at them when a customer has a little problem with the paint job he yells imperfections will show and if you want a new looking car you should have bought a new car.

This is just some of what he tells people, You can Google search Bob berlinger maaco las Vegas and you will see pages of past customers confirming what I a former employee of this shop is telling you all. Do not go to Maaco 4120 E Craig Rd North Las, Vegas NV 89030.

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